Grace is not a real place, geographically. Grace is a real place, spiritually. Getting there and realizing the benefits of citizenship is a journey. We arrive at this wholly unfamiliar place by faith, like arriving at the city limits of a strange and sprawling metropolis. In a way, we’re there, but not there in all its fullness. We still have a long way to go, so much to learn, and so much to discover about this city of Grace.

There are wonders to behold; surprises to experience; mysteries to discover; miracles to embrace; riches to enjoy; love to be shared; freedom to be found; and so much peace to be gained. Worship there is unbounded.

The journey to Grace is like no other journey you’ll ever take. Most trips require packing everything you think you’ll need, and most of us pack more than we need, and it becomes a burden. This journey requires no packing at all. In fact, it requires an unpacking. So leave all that baggage behind. All the stuff you think you need, you don’t! It just gets in the way. It holds you back. It weighs you down. Unpack those bags and get going. Grace awaits!

(Adapted from Jake’s Journey: From Guilt to Grace)

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