Transitions in life always involve change. It’s a part of the definition. You can’t have transition without change. A life-transition is moving from a known position or place to an unknown position or place in life. There is a level of security and safety in the known. Transition is a phase or a process involving an uprooting, an upheaval of the status quo. Many of the things that give us a sense of safety and security are stripped away. So we enter this period of transition as a phase of our journey without the things, and sometimes without the people, we used to cling to. Living by faith takes on a new meaning for us. Trusting God with all our heart becomes a deeper truth and more profound need.

As Christ followers, we like to think we spend all our days walking by faith, trusting the Lord in all things and for all things. In transition, we learn that’s not quite true. We discover that we had put your trust in other things more often than we realized. We found security and a sense of well being in a steady job, a reliable income, and a circle of close relationships. We put our trust in others to always be there and to have our back. In transition, false securities are removed and faith becomes the essential thing, and trust becomes the essence of security because we learn that walking by faith is walking in fellowship with the One who is faithful. He is faithful to his people, and he is faithful to his promises. He will provide what we need, and he will protect what is necessary.

Abraham was uprooted by a call of God to go to an unknown place, but with a gift of promise and a sense of purpose. God promised him that he would bless him and that he would be a blessing, but this involved much upheaval and uncertainty in his life. Nevertheless, he ¬†went. He left all his human securities behind by faith. He trusted God. Abraham’s story is amazing, and we’re encouraged by his courageous and commendable faith. What an example! But the more amazing thing in Abraham’s story is something we often miss. We focus on Abraham’s faith and overlook God’s faithfulness.

Three months ago, in a similar way, God uprooted me and sent me on a journey to an unknown destination, but with a promise and a purpose. I am learning a new level of trust as I go, believing that he will bless me and make me a blessing, and, maybe, that’s all I need to know. God is faithful!

3 Responses to “Lessons Learned in Transition (so Far!) – Trust”

  1. Allyson Hinson said

    Thank you Hal for posting your lessons learned during transition. My life, as you know, for the past two years has been in an uproar, I guess more transition than I can or could have imagined, and each day, more arrive. I hope that your lessons learned, will help me learn as well. I am still in much need of prayer and help, but seem to have run out of all of that. Thank you for your posts, Allyson

    • Hal said

      Allyson, You haven’t run out of either. God’s grace is limitless. His provision is daily. His love is eternal. There are many who are praying for you. I’m one of them. Trust is believing what is not altogether apparent. Believe when it’s hard and grace will come to you.

  2. Gwendy Stall said

    I am praying for you and Elliot as you go with God this unknown place. Walking by faith with a faithful God is a great place to be! I was thinking of some parallels in mine and Steve’s life as I read through your posts. We too road across the country to TX (Houston) but I didn’t want to go. But oh the things the Lord did in my heart there. It was there I came to a saving knowledge of Jesus and not just an intellectual knowledge.
    The other thing that kept running through my mind is how easy it is to get comfortable with were God puts me. We moved a lot. We would find a church, settle in and just when I began to think okay this is good. I got it figured out. God would send us off again. I am not a person who likes change and it often doesn’t come easy for me. But I am learning God is all about change. He is continually changing me into His image. He doesn’t want me to become too comfortable. Comfort makes me stand still or go backwards.
    May we both joyfully walk by faith into the unknown with our faithful God til He completes us upon His coming. Love in Christ, Gwendy

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