So much has been written and chronicled concerning the baby boomer generation that few people get excited about any mention of this much heralded and often maligned group of Americans. Perhaps no other generation has been put under the microscope, analyzed, and dissected more than the baby boomer generation. This inordinate amount of attention has yielded countless books, articles, and research papers. I suspect many people have grown so weary of this subject that they avoid the subject altogether.

I might have been one of those until it occurred to me in recent years that baby boomers make up the largest percentage of senior pastors in the evangelical church. After all, the hallmark of this generation is its sheer numerical size. That being the case, it is not surprising that boomers are so prevalent among the senior pastor crowd. I am a part of that crowd, and I’m interested in the role we have been given by God to play in the future of the American church.

With so many of us still in positions of leadership and influence, and with the American church in a state of crisis, there is a lot we can do and a lot we must do. One thing we most surely cannot do is surrender in defeat or despair. Not now! Not ever!

What do you think? Do boomer pastors have anything to say about the future of the American church? Can we play a role in the renewal of the church and the restoration of the church’s influence in our current culture? What could, what should that role be? I’d love to explore this with you.

To be continued…

One Response to “Do Baby Boomer Pastors Have Anything to Say About the Future of the American Church?”

  1. Susan Elsey said

    Boomer pastors. I agree with your comments about our generation. The generations after ours have had such an impact on Church. Most boomers went to church, joined a church and thought they were going to Heaven. They did not about who God really is and about having a personal relationship with God. Since everyone has a basic need to serve something we have seen so many changes. We are even allowing the Muslins to take over the world. I believe that we are closer than ever to seeing our God come to earth. Dawn comes in the morning.

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